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Emma Jarvis

Content writer
emma jarvis

About the author

Emma, Boots Hearingcare's Digital Optimisation Lead, boasts 12+ years in digital marketing, specialising in SEO, content writing, and website optimisation. Collaborating with digital agencies, she implements SEO strategies, showcasing strategic leadership. Previous roles highlighted her prowess in content creation, emphasising website optimisation, paid campaigns, and SEO/PPC activities. Her extensive experience, from hands-on roles to strategic leadership, positions her as a seasoned professional.

Emma's journey into content creation focusing on the power of words to educate and inspire, particularly in hearing healthcare. Passionate about everything hearing, she collaborates with audiologists, experts, and advisers to enhance the customer experience. Her work reflects dedication to improving awareness of hearing loss and positively contributing to hearing healthcare.

Outside of hearing care, Emma has a passion for the outdoors, especially her campervan, which she spends many weekends roaming the countryside.