What Happens at a Hearing Test?
Find out more about what to expect at an hearing test and tips on how to prepare for the test.
Why Choose Boots Hearingcare
Find out more why Boots Hearingcare is the UK’s most trusted Hearingcare brand.

Better hearing isn’t the only gift  

Our expert Audiologists have always been there to make sure you 
never miss a moment. And now, we’re making those moments
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"I found this service second to none, my appointment was on time, the advice I was given was very informative. My hearing test was carried out professionally and I am very satisfied with the service" - James, Basingstoke

A long heritage of caring for your health

With years of experience caring for the nation's hearing health, you can trust us to look after your and your family's hearing.

At Boots Hearingcare we'll look after you with the highest level of personal care; with us, you're never just a number; we'll tailor your experience to suit you and your hearing.

We understand that one size does not fit all

We pride ourselves on offering one of the widest ranges of hearing aids on the market and we keep up to date with the latest and greatest advances in hearing technology.

So, whatever your hearing loss, budget, or style we're confident we can find the perfect solution for you.

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*25,000 points awarded with your purchase of a pair of hearing aids or 12,500 points with a single hearing aid. Offer applies to premium products only. Points will be applied after 90-days or 60-days for custom hearing aids. Offer ends 30th April 2023. Normal boots advantage card terms and conditions apply, see boots.com for details.