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Over the years, we've helped thousands of people hear better by finding the perfect hearing solution for them. We offer a range of digital hearing aids from the leading manufacturers in the industry. Our Premium range features the very latest technology, while our Essentials give you great hearing for a great price.

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Super-discreet and custom made to ensure a great fit Including batteries, cleaning and maintenance kits

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Hearing in background noise
Many people with hearing loss find it hard to hear in background noise, like having a conversation in a busy restaurant. The latest hearing aids can significantly improve your ability to hear and understand speech in background noise.

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We've lowered the price of our most advanced hearing aid

We're also offering a free Phonak TV connector when you purchase the Phonak Audéo™ Marvel. It makes hearing in any surroundings crisp and clear, pushing the boundaries of hearing technology, it also links up to everyday devices to give you a better hearing experience whatever you’re doing.

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What types of hearing aids do we offer?

Hearing aid family
We offer a wide range of hearings aids in different styles including the invisible In-the-ear aids through to more powerful Behind-the-ear options.

It's really down to your lifestyle, what features you like and the severity of hearing loss you have. So we've put together a short overview of each style, which our Audiologists can talk you through when visiting one of our stores.

Types of hearing aids
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"They are so small and delicate and light. After you’ve put them in your ear, you want to feel behind your ear just to check if they are still there!"

Life with a hearing aid

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Looking after your hearing aid
What can a hearing aid do for me
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