A lot of hearing aid wearers worry about their devices being overly conspicuous – and we’re ready to address this concern. Looking after your hearing should be top priority, but unfortunately many of us have experienced the self-consciousness that comes with wearing a hearing aid. However, with the availability of invisible hearing aids, you can easily solve this problem and put your hearing health struggles behind you.

Boots Hearingcare looks at some of the main features of invisible hearing aids and shows how they might just be the best thing for your long-term hearing health…

What are invisible hearing aids?

Invisible hearing aids are so small that they cannot be seen on the outside of the ear. Instead, they fit neatly into the ear canal and are often custom-fitted to your individual hearing requirements and/or ear shape. Inconspicuous and lightweight, you’ll likely forget you’re wearing one!

Can you tell me about the benefits of invisible hearing aids?

For those who wear hearing aids, invisible devices can be a very attractive option. They allow people to go about their everyday activities without drawing attention to themselves, thus eliminating the past stigma linked with using hearing aids.

Some of the additional benefits of invisible hearing aids include:
  • Convenience: Along with discretion, invisible hearing aids tend to be extremely efficient. Because they’re placed much closer to the eardrum than other hearing aids, invisible models don’t require as much power or sound output to reach the same level of loudness for the listener. They can also reduce the likelihood of experiencing feedback, particularly while on the phone – a big issue for many hearing aid users.
  • Comfort: Invisible hearing aids provide superior comfort in two main ways. First, they usually sit much deeper in the ear canal than other devices, creating less internal vibration and helping to limit the impact of unnatural sound distortion. Second, typically being much shorter as well, invisible hearing aids often make it easier to release or vent low-pitched sound waves to the outer ear, thereby causing wearers less irritation on a day-to-day basis.
  • Natural sound quality: When you wear invisible hearing aids, there are rarely any wires or tubes that get in the way, and more sophisticated placement may even increase your ability to localise or determine where sounds are coming from – as opposed to doing a certain amount of guesswork.
With plenty of perks to offer hearing loss sufferers, it’s easy to see why so many people are looking to make the switch to invisible hearing aids.

Examples of our Invisible hearing aids

Phonak Virto Titanium

Phonak Virto Titanium

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Phonak Virto M

Phonak Virto M

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Are invisible hearing aids right for you?

If you have mild or moderate hearing loss, invisible hearing aids can help.

You won’t find any advanced features like powerful speakers or strong processing power included in your device; it’s so small that these cannot be added. Also, please remember that if your ear canal is too narrow or the fit is incorrect, then you won’t be able to fully benefit from invisible hearing aids – what with them needing to be placed quite deep inside. A final point of consideration: placing your invisible hearing aid in the right area every single time can prove difficult for patients with vision-related issues, so bear this in mind before you choose your model.

However, if you’re still unsure about which kind of hearing aid you should use, book a free appointment and come and see an audiologist at Boots Hearingcare and discuss your symptoms.
There’s no substitute for having your hearing health evaluated on a consistent basis by a qualified hearing healthcare professional. Boots Hearingcare is pleased to offer first-rate service, support and equipment at our centres across the UK.

Using an invisible hearing aid can enhance your confidence as well as your general hearing health. Schedule in a time with one of our expert audiologists to assess your hearing and get instructed on the best course of action…