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Invisible Hearing Aids

Small, discreet, and comfortable. If that is what you’re looking for in a hearing aid, the Boots Hearingcare range of invisible hearing aids might be right for you.

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Invisible hearing aids are so small that they cannot be seen on the outside of the ear. They fit neatly into the ear canal and are often custom-fitted to your hearing requirements and/or can be ear-shaped. Inconspicuous and lightweight, you’ll likely forget you’re wearing one!


Benefits of invisible hearing aids


Requiring less power for comparable output. Also, reduce feedback when using phones.


Less internal vibration with a shorter footprint for all-day comfort.

Natural sound quality

A lack of wires and tubes with correct placement can provide fantastic natural sound quality.
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Along with discretion, invisible hearing aids tend to be extremely efficient. They’re placed much closer to the eardrum than other hearing aids, invisible models don’t require as much power or sound output to reach the same level of loudness for the listener. They can also reduce the likelihood of experiencing feedback, particularly while on the phone. This can be a big issue for many hearing aid users.


Invisible hearing aids provide superior comfort in two main ways. First, they usually sit much deeper in the ear canal than other devices, creating less internal vibration and helping to limit the impact of unnatural sound distortion. Second, typically being much shorter as well, invisible hearing aids often make it easier to release or vent low-pitched sound waves to the outer ear, thereby causing wearers less irritation on a day-to-day basis.

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Natural sound quality

When you wear invisible hearing aids, there are rarely any wires or tubes that get in the way, and more sophisticated placement may even increase your ability to localise or determine where sounds are coming from - as opposed to doing a certain amount of guesswork.