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Deciding to get hearing aids is a big moment and you may have been considering it for a while. In this section you can find out exactly how they could help you.

Why don’t more people wear hearing aids?

Modern hearing aids are small and discreet – meaning they’re virtually invisible when you’re wearing them, and making them comfortable too. The technology inside them has advanced that they offer a range of different programmes and settings, automatic technology, and even Bluetooth capability so they can be connected wirelessly to your phone, TV and more! 

But some people may still be reluctant to wear a hearing aid, but why?
  • Lots of people don’t even realise they have hearing loss. Because age-related hearing loss happens so gradually, it’s not always easy to recognise. You might just think that other people are mumbling, and turn up the volume of the TV and your phone so you can hear them.
  • Some people think hearing loss is a sign of getting old. But the truth is that one in six people in the UK are affected by hearing loss – and almost half of everyone over 50.

Some myths around hearing aids

‘Hearing aids don’t help’
Just a few years ago hearing aids were clumsy, hook-shaped devices that were only placed behind the ear and only made a minimal improvement to a person’s hearing.

One common problem, which was also a source of pain for the ears, was the feedback when someone hugged you, for example. This problem has been successfully overcome.
Even the misconception that you simply have to "train" your ears harder still persists. Many of those affected believe that by using a hearing aid, they’re ‘spoiling’ their sense of hearing and their hearing will become dependent on technical support.

However, hearing does not regenerate itself. Once hearing has been damaged, it is almost impossible to reverse and often a hearing aid is a solution. While the individual is not cured, the technology means that they will find it far easier to live with hearing loss.
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