When you purchase a hearing aid from Boots Hearingcare, it comes complete with a lifetime of aftercare. Our programme is specially designed to help you get the most out of your hearing aid and consists of:

Seeing you in clinic is different to the way you hear in real life and so we want to learn from you about the solution is behaving for your real life listening goals. By listening to your experiences and reading data from the devices your audiologist can ensure that their performance is matched to your needs. Depending upon how long it has taken for you to start using technology to help your hearing and the impact of any loss has had will influence how quickly you start enjoying confidence in your hearing but your Boots audiologist will help you every step of the way.

Ongoing care

After seeing your Hearing Aid Audiologist, you’ll need future checks to keep an eye on your hearing and hearing aid(s) performance. Review appointments to retest hearing and adjust hearing aid settings as required will be booked annually. Of course, you can arrange to see any of your Hearingcare team in between these times at your convenience. Remember all appointments are free-of-charge.

Service appointments

If inbetween our standard aftercare appointments you have a problem or need advice, we’re there when you need us with our service appointments, Log in to your online account to make a service. If you've not register yet, you can do that by clicking the button below. 

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If you need more support:

ordering Hearingcare products:
  • Hearing aid cleaning and maintenance accessories
  • Ear healthcare products
  • Hearing devices for use around the home such as TV, doorbell and phones
  • Noise and ear protection plugs

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making and rescheduling appointments

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hearing help and advice
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  • Earcare advice
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assessments and reviews
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