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Our Values

Our Values drive our business and underpin the way we help our customers and support our Colleagues. Whether its our customer-centric approach or our passion for innovative technology, reading our values will give you a flavour of what it’s like to be work for us and what we look for in our employees.

We care

We care for our employees, customers and consumers, as well as our shareholders and society.
  • We listen carefully to people we engage with in order to fully understand and deliver the services and products they need
  • We always consult others with their best interest in mind
  • We always treat everybody with respect
  • We consider potential consequences to colleagues, customers and consumers, as well as shareholders and the society before we take action

We drive innovation

We courageously pioneer new ideas and approaches to come up with impactful innovations, to delight customers and consumers.
  • We make time to learn and expose ourselves to the unfamiliar, leaving our comfort zone to further expand our capabilities
  • We understand emerging customer needs, think ahead and anticipate changes to our current landscape of services, processes and products.
  • We curiously explore new relations and out-of-the-box ideas to the benefit of our customers and consumers
  • We dare to experiment, disrupt and test out new ways of approaching and doing things, also taking risk where needed

We strive for excellence

We act with agility. We aim to excel. We are continuously working on improving products, services, processes and skills, to realize growth.
  • We constantly question our way of doing things, exploring alternative approaches to do better
  • We regularly take actions that lead to improvements to products, processes and services
  • We are adopting methodologies and best practices that help us to be more effective and free up resources for new initiatives
  • We pro-actively provide relevant input to others to enable personal and professional growth
  • We take accountability
  • We deliver on our commitments. We take accountability to provide outcomes in agreed quality and time, always acting with integrity.
  • We clearly define expectations on outcomes of individual and collaborative work
  • We make tangible commitments and deliver on them
  • We track our activities against targets and transparently disclose the results of our activities
  • We act with integrity in everything we do

We build the best team

We team up. We grow talent. We collaborate with people of diverse backgrounds to win with the best team in the market place.
  • We encourage different perspectives to be voiced and heard
  • We appreciate others for the complementary skills, experiences and approaches they bring to the team, having the best people on the task
  • We approach relevant contributors to team up in order to have the best team on the task and reach set targets
  • We provide and seek out learning opportunities to drive our own and others’ professional and personal development