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What happens in a hearing test?
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Hearing Loss Simulator 

The Hearing Loss Simulator helps people to understand what a hearing impaired person experiences and what improvements can be achieved by using hearing aids.. 

The tool is quick and simple to use and has different options to tailor the experience to situations in your daily life.

What our Hearing Loss Simulator entails? 

Our Hearing Loss Simulator uses computer audio simulations to allow you to discover what people with mild, moderate, or severe hearing loss experience and how hearing aids may improve hearing and intelligibility of speech. The technology works by manipulating the decibel (dB) for each frequency measured on a hearing test. 

The simulation includes a group of audio files that simulate what people with sensorineural hearing loss perceive in specific contexts. The audio files are categorized by type and contain conversations in various settings and with different loudness of noise, such as a conversation in a restaurant, outside in nature, and while listening to music.  

You can change your audio to mild, moderate, and severe hearing loss or switch back and forth between them to see how the different severities affect your hearing abilities and speech intelligibility. Our simulator allows you to play each audio clip and hear what it sounds like with normal hearing and compare that to the different severities of hearing loss.   

Keep in mind that what you will hear will depend on your current hearing level, the portion of sounds you might miss  will differ. For instance, people with moderate high-frequency loss will naturally have fewer missing sounds and consonants than those with severe hearing loss. In addition, if you have mild hearing loss and want to experience the moderate level, you may not hear anything because the hearing loss level simulated adds to your initial level. Likewise, speech intelligibility in noise will also vary according to hearing loss type. 

If your goal is to simulate the impact of hearing aids on your auditory abilities, the portion of speech you miss will differ depending on your current hearing level. Likewise, comparing sound clips with hearing aids might differ depending on your current hearing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of hearing loss simulations?

The need for using simulations in audiology continues to increase. Although multiple people benefit from their use, patients and family members benefit the most. For instance, simulations provide an interactive way to demonstrate the communication difficulties caused by a loss of hearing. A simulation helps family members to get a feel for what it is like for their loved ones with mild or moderate hearing loss to participate in a conversation. By listening to audio clips with simulated hearing impairment, they can better relate to the challenges of living with hearing difficulties. The simulator can also illustrate the effect of amplification by demonstrating how a hearing device would affect the loved ones hearing abilities.  Hearing care professionals also benefit from hearing loss simulations by enabling them to communicate complex information about the auditory system in a way that is easy to understand. The technology allows audiologists to quickly demonstrate complicated technical topics to patients and family members. Thanks to the straightforward nature of these simulations, people learn a good amount of information from these demonstrations.

What treatments are available for hearing loss?

Although science offers no cure for loss of hearing, audiologists frequently recommend hearing aids to treat the condition. These types of devices work by amplifying sound to enhance sound volume and clarity. 

You don't have to suffer from the effect of hearing impairment. Regardless of the degree of your loss of hearing, we recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our audiologists and getting a hearing test to determine the best solution for your needs. In the meantime, try our hearing loss simulator. The simulation can help demonstrate a hearing device's impact on your auditory abilities. It can also allow you to experience first-hand the effect of hearing impairment on the auditory perception of speech.