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Stay Connected, Hear Clearly: Local Audiologist Near Me

Are you in need of a trusted audiologist near you? At Boots Hearingcare, we've made it simple for you. Our team of highly qualified and experienced audiologists are dedicated to providing exceptional care.  

Find a hearing care expert near you for a personalised service you can rely on. 

How Audiologists can improve your hearing

  • Expert evaluation: our audiologists will assess your hearing loss and its causes accurately. 
  • Personalised solutions: tailored treatments based on your unique hearing needs. 
  • Hearing aid fitting: recommendations along with hearing aid fine-tuning to give you the best hearing experience possible.  
  • Tinnitus support: strategies available to help alleviate bothersome ear ringing. 
  • Improved communication: to support you with learning techniques to boost social confidence. 
  • Ongoing monitoring: regular hearing aid adjustments and care. 
  • Preventing further damage: early issue detection to prevent further hearing loss. 
  • Educational guidance: provide resources for better hearing protection and care. 

Why choose us

Personalised treatment plans

Our experienced audiologists create personalised treatment plans, to ensure your specific hearing needs are addressed with care and precision. 

Cutting-edge technology

We stay at the forefront of audiology technology, offering you the latest advancements for the best possible hearing solutions. 

Compassionate care

We understand that hearing difficulties can be challenging, so our team approaches your concerns with empathy and support, so you can be confident that you feel heard and valued. 

Lifetime aftercare

We're committed to your long-term hearing health. Our lifetime aftercare means you can trust us to provide ongoing support and adjustments as and when needed. 

Convenient locations 

With easy access to our stores, finding an audiologist near you has never been more convenient. 

Positive reviews

Our satisfied customers share their success stories and positive experiences, reflecting our commitment to exceptional patient care. Find out what they have to say by visiting our Trustpilot reviews.  

What to expect during your audiologist visit

During your audiologist visit at Boots Hearingcare, you can expect a  patient-focused experience, including:

Frequently asked questions

How do I find an audiologist near me?

Discovering an audiologist near you is easy. Simply use our online store locator tool to find the closest Boots Hearingcare clinic in your area. 

Will an audiologist help with my hearing?

Yes, audiologists are experts in evaluating and managing hearing-related issues. They can help you understand your hearing condition and provide appropriate guidance and solutions. 

Can an audiologist help with earwax removal?

We don't currently offer this service at Boots Hearingcare. But our hearing care experts have created a trusty guide discussing earwax removal and ear cleaning, as well as treatments available. 

Can an audiologist help with tinnitus?

While there is no cure for tinnitus, audiologists can offer various strategies and therapies to help manage the condition and reduce its impact on your life. 

Can an audiologist provide me with hearing aid recommendations?

Absolutely. Audiologists can recommend, fit, and fine-tune hearing aids tailored to your specific hearing needs, providing you with a personalised solution. 

Can tinnitus cause dizziness?

While tinnitus and dizziness can sometimes occur together, tinnitus itself doesn’t cause dizziness. 

If you’re suffering from tinnitus and dizziness, it may be that they indicate an underlying condition, such as Ménière’s disease or a problem with your inner ear.

Get any symptoms checked by your doctor, so they can investigate any possible causes and advise you on any treatment.

Why is my tinnitus worse when I lay down?

Tinnitus can sometimes seem more pronounced when you lie down due to the absence of external noises, making the internal sounds more noticeable. Additionally, changes in blood flow when transitioning to a lying position can affect tinnitus. Background noise or relaxation techniques can help alleviate this issue.

Why is my tinnitus getting louder?

Tinnitus’ loudness can vary for numerous reasons, including exposure to loud noises, changes in blood pressure, or underlying health conditions. Consult a healthcare provider to determine the cause of increased tinnitus loudness and explore suitable management strategies.

Can ear wax cause tinnitus?

It’s possible that earwax can cause tinnitus; if it blocks your ear canal, ringing in the ear can be a side effect. However, this can be remedied: any build-up can be professionally removed by your GP, and the symptoms associated with tinnitus - such as hissing, ringing, or roaring sounds - should be relieved as a result.

Will my tinnitus go away after removing ear wax?

If your tinnitus is caused by earwax build-up or impaction, once the earwax has been removed, your symptoms should improve and eventually ease. Any removal should always be done professionally to protect your ear canal and eardrum.