One of the biggest annoyances of having a hearing aid is needing to change the battery again and again – especially at the most inconvenient time.

At Boots Hearingcare, we know how important it is to find a great device that suits all your needs, and our expert audiologists are trained to help guide you with this selection. If you’re looking for long-lasting, effective hearing help, they may point you in the direction of rechargeable hearing aids.

We take a look at some of the key aspects of rechargeable hearing aids and show how they can help you on your way to better hearing health…

What are rechargeable hearing aids?

In contrast to traditional hearing aids with disposable batteries, rechargeable devices have built-in power units that do not require regular removal. All you have to do is dock your model each night on a charging unit - similar to the way you would charge an electric toothbrush, say, or power up your smartphone - and it’ll be refreshed and ready to go by morning.

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What are the benefits of rechargeable hearing aids?

As hearing aid technology continues to evolve, we are seeing numerous improvements and features on devices that support the general wellbeing of users. Rechargeable hearing aids are an excellent option for people who have less dexterity in their hands and would rather not change batteries themselves.

In addition to this, some of the other benefits of rechargeable hearing aids include:
  • Small and discreet: Depending on what model you pick; your rechargeable hearing aid is likely to be inconspicuous and fit cleanly inside the ear without any hassle. This is because the most up-to-date hearing aid technology is usually accompanied by more efficient, user-friendly designs.
  • Durability: With technological advancement comes greater battery life. Current rechargeable hearing aids usually hold their charge for up to 30 hours, lasting up to six years before they need to be replaced*.
  • Safety: While it’s unlikely to occur, disposable button batteries have proven to be extremely dangerous if accidentally swallowed by pets or children. Rechargeable hearing aids do not pose this problem.
*Accelerated capacity lab testing at room temperature

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Tips for living with rechargeable hearing aids

At first, switching to a rechargeable hearing aid can seem strange. Thankfully, there are some simple steps you can take to adjust and enjoy your new device, while at the same time ensuring it’s properly looked after:
  • Keep rechargeable hearing aids in their charging ports if you’re not using them. Don’t worry, they cannot overcharge.
  • Clean rechargeable hearing aid pads and base slots with a suitable brush and a clean, dry tissue. Avoid using any liquids for cleaning.
Make sure to maintain your device, so you can benefit from it fully. And if there are ever any problems with your rechargeable hearing aid, get them sorted immediately.
For those of you experiencing hearing trouble, it’s vital you have the right hearing aid to help improve your general well-being. Visit Boots Hearingcare to see which device can benefit you in providing a better quality of life.

If you think you could do with a rechargeable hearing aid, then help is at hand. Book an appointment with Boots Hearingcare…