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Rechargeable Hearing Aids

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, effective hearing aid, rechargeable hearing aids might be right for you.

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The gift of hearing, without any of the hassle

In contrast to a traditional hearing aid with disposable batteries, rechargeable devices have built-in power units that do not require new batteries. All you have to do is put your hearing aids into its rechargeable storage box - similar to the way you would charge an electric toothbrush or power up your smartphone - and it’ll be refreshed and ready to go in the morning.

Benefits of rechargeable hearing aids

Small and discreet

Designed to fit cleanly behind the ear without any hassle.


With technological advancement comes greater battery life.


No need to safely dispose of used batteries.
man wearing hearing aid sat in the pub

Small and discreet

Depending on what model you pick; your rechargeable hearing aid is likely to be inconspicuous and fit cleanly on the ear without any hassle. This is because the most up-to-date hearing aid technology is usually accompanied by more efficient, user-friendly designs.


With technological advancement comes greater battery life. Current rechargeable hearing aids usually hold their charge for up to 30 hours, lasting up to six years before they need to be replaced*.

*Accelerated capacity lab testing at room temperature

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While it’s unlikely to occur, disposable button batteries have proven to be extremely dangerous if accidentally swallowed by pets or children. Rechargeable hearing aids do not pose this problem.