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At Boots Hearingcare, we believe our service is second to none. We understand that when it comes to hearing better, the expertise, care and advice you get is just as important as your hearing aids. Below you’ll see a list of our most popular hearing aids by the world’s leading brands – alongside their prices for both one and two hearing aids.

Premium and Essential ranges

Hearing aids in our Premium range are packed with the best and latest technology and features including rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth connectivity and automatically adjust to the environment you're in. These range from our top end Platinium models through to Bronze levels.
Our Essentials range is for customers who don't feel they need the very latest technology but  still want a great value hearing aid. All the hearing aids in our Essentials range come with a two-year warranty. 

Phonak Belong - January SALE


Price for 1

Price for 2

Phonak Model: 





Belong 90 Titanium £2,075 £1,725 £2,945 £2,445
Belong 90 £2,075 £1,725 £2,945 £2,445
Belong 70 Titanium £1,865 £1,585 £2,645 £2,245
Belong 70 £1,865 £1,585 £2,645 £2,245
Belong 50 £1,725 £1,445 £2,445 £2,045
Belong 30 £1,515 £1,305 £2,145 £1,845
Applies to selected hearing aids only. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. Subject to availability and suitability. Offer ends 31 January 2019

Interest-free credit

To help you spread the cost of your hearing aids we're offering flexible interest-free monthly payments across 12, 18 or 24 months on all of our Premium range hearing aids with a 10% deposit, find out more.

All our hearing aids come with

60 day moneyback
60-day money back guarantee
2-5 year Warranty
free aftercare
Free aftercare for life
Product Price for 1 12 month 18 month 24 month
Phonak Marvel 90 Rechargeable £2,145.00 £160.88 pm £107.25 pm £80.44 pm
Widex Evoke Fusion 2 440 £2,145.00 £160.88 pm £107.25 pm £80.44 pm
SALE Phonak Belong 90 Titanium £1,725.00 £129.38 pm £86.25 pm £64.69 pm
Phonak Marvel 90 Standard £2,075.00 £155.63 pm £103.75 pm £77.81 pm
SALE Phonak Belong 90 £1,725.00 £129.38 pm £86.25 pm £64.69 pm
Widex Evoke 440 £2,075.00 £155.63 pm £103.75 pm £77.81 pm
Product Price for 1 12 month 18 month 24 month
Phonak Marvel 70 Rechargeable £1,935.00 £145.13 pm £96.75 pm £72.56 pm
Widex Evoke Fusion 2 340 £1,935.00 £145.13 pm £96.75 pm £72.56 pm
SALE Phonak Belong 70 Titanium £1,585.00 £118.88 pm £79.25 pm £59.44 pm
Phonak Marvel 70 Standard £1,865.00 £139.88 pm £93.25 pm £69.94 pm
SALE Phonak Belong 70 £1,585.00 £118.88 pm £79.25 pm £59.44 pm
Widex Evoke 340 £1,865.00 £139.88 pm £93.25 pm £69.94 pm
Product Price for 1 12 month 18 month 24 month
Phonak Marvel 50 Rechargeable £1,795.00 £134.63 pm £89.75 pm £67.31 pm
Widex Evoke Fusion 2 220 £1,795.00 £134.63 pm £89.75 pm £67.31 pm
Phonak Marvel 50 Standard £1,725.00 £129.38 pm £86.25 pm £64.69 pm
SALE Phonak Belong 50 £1,445.00 £108.38 pm £72.25 pm £54.19 pm
Widex Evoke 220 £1,725.00 £129.38 pm £86.25 pm £64.69 pm
Product Price for 1 12 month 18 month 24 month
Phonak Marvel 30 Rechargeable £1,585.00 £118.88 pm £79.25 pm £59.44 pm
Phonak Marvel 30 Standard £1,515.00 £113.63 pm £75.75 pm £56.81 pm
SALE Phonak Belong 30 £1,305.00 £97.88 pm £65.25 pm £48.94 pm
Widex Evoke Fusion 2 110 £1,375.00 £103.13 pm £68.75 pm £51.56 pm
Widex Evoke 110 £1,375.00 £103.13 pm £68.75 pm £51.56 pm
Product Price for 1
Unitron North Pro £1,335.00
Starkey Z Series i110 £1,335.00
Unitron North 800 £1,115.00
Starkey Z Series i90 £1,115.00
Unitron North 700 £1,025.00
Starkey Z Series i70 £1,025.00
Unitron North 600 £795.00
Starkey Z Series i30 £795.00
Unitron North 500 £665.00
Starkey Z Series i20 £665.00
Widex Daily Dream 100 £525.00
Widex Daily Dream 30 £345.00

What factors affect the cost?

It is worth comparing hearing aids, as prices vary between our Essentials range and Premium models.

There are lower cost entry-level models like the Widex Daily Dream 30, these will give you a good level of hearing and make it possible to enjoy the sounds you may have missed. Even the basic models offer a wide variety of functions at a very reasonable price. However, if you prefer a wider range of features such as being rechargeable, music streaming and appreciate a better sound quality, you might be better off with a slightly more expensive hearing aid.
The price of an individual hearing aid is influenced by various factors. These include:
  • Technical features
  • Functions
  • Type
It's your individual needs and hearing ability that determine which type of device is best for you. An audiologist can help you choose the right model and to try it out.

Are there any additional costs apart from the purchase price?

When comparing the prices of different hearing aids, post-purchase costs should also be taken into account. It is worth considering if you would also like to purchase any accessories to support your hearing aid, these can be found in our online shop or ask one of our expert audiologists.
You should also be aware of the difference in price between models with disposable and rechargeable batteries, rechargeable is always more expensive for the same model but you never have to replace the battery.

Do I need a hearing aid for both ears?

Generally speaking, if you have hearing loss in both ears it's advisable to use a hearing aid in both. This is because with two functioning ears, the brain is able to distinguish the tiniest differences in sound, making it possible to attribute sounds precisely to your environment. An appropriate hearing aid should therefore be used in each ear in order to ensure problem-free hearing.
The price of your hearing aid is determined on a case-by-case basis on a range of factors including the personal needs of the individual and the level of hearing loss. If you would like more information you can book an appointment online with one of our audiologists.

Interest-free credit

*0% APR on all Premium hearing aids at Boots. Credit subject to status – 10% deposit required. Boots Hearingcare is a credit broker. Credit provided by Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC. Both Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
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