Technology has come on in leaps and bounds with regard to hearing aids, and Bluetooth models serve as just one example of that fact. Now, because more and more Bluetooth hearing aids are hitting the market, multifunctional help no longer seems a stretch for hearing loss sufferers looking for an all-round solution to their needs.

Boots Hearingcare takes a look at the phenomenon that is Bluetooth hearing aids and shows just how they can help not only promote better hearing health but also increase overall quality of lifeā€¦

What are Bluetooth hearing aids?

It wasn’t long ago that bulky hearing aids were the standard solution for almost all hearing loss sufferers. However, things are changing with the advent of Bluetooth technology being included in current hearing aid models.

Put simply, Bluetooth hearing aids are digital devices with incorporated Bluetooth connectivity for streaming. Discreet, smart, wireless and with great capabilities, they enable you to connect with various electronics and other everyday wireless accessories. If you have a hearing impediment and enjoy staying up to date with what’s trending, a Bluetooth hearing aid could be right for you.
phonak on iphone

How does Bluetooth hearing aid technology work?

Able to communicate across different electronics, a Bluetooth hearing aid allows you to be more connected than ever, streaming sounds from compatible wireless tech directly into your ears. Whether you own an Apple or Android smartphone, it is now possible to get sounds from these devices transferred to your hearing aids, meaning you no longer have to worry about inconveniences caused by earbuds ever again.

Bluetooth hearing aids have greatly enhanced the overall user experience and enable hearing aids to function as highly personalised devices. It just goes to show what’s achievable by offering today’s wireless technology as a modern solution for hearing aid wearers.

Examples of our Bluetooth hearing aids

Starkey Livio

Starkey livio

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Phonak Paradise

Phonak marvel

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AudioNova DX

Audionova DX

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What are the benefits of Bluetooth in hearing aids?

Bluetooth hearing aids afford hearing impaired individuals the chance to enjoy things that many of us usually take for granted. They’re all about making life easier for sufferers of hearing loss, providing a much-needed solution to symptoms that often cause pleasant everyday activities to become extremely frustrating.
Some of the main benefits that are enjoyed with Bluetooth hearing aids include:
TV icon Watching TV: Did you know that those with hearing impairments often understand the TV better with headphones? This being the case, by streaming TV audio directly to your Bluetooth hearing aids, you’ll not only eliminate any reverberation that may occur between the TV speakers and your ears, but also the need for headphones altogether! You may even be able to adjust the hearing aid volume from an easy-to-use App instead of directly via the TV.
phone icon Having phone conversations: Phone calls with hearing aids can be difficult. And it isn’t always comfortable either, as you usually need to make sure the speaker is right near your device’s microphone. Also, some low-tech models tend to feedback an annoying whistling sound, whereas most Bluetooth hearing aids making talking on the phone easy and stress-free!
music in ear icon Listening to music: With Bluetooth hearing aids, users can enjoy having their favourite tunes streamed directly to their devices, without needing to wear uncomfortable, obstructive headphones!

The possibilities are practically endless with Bluetooth hearing aids. From clearer calls to custom sound filtration, they make wearing a hearing aid entertaining as well as practical.

Are Bluetooth hearing aids easy to use?

It all depends on the model you choose and your everyday activity. If you’re used to using different electronic devices, you should have no problem managing Bluetooth hearing aids.
However, if you experience any problems with the Bluetooth in your aids, talk to a hearing care professional to learn more about what would suit your needs.

How do I set my hearing aids up for Bluetooth?

Like other electronics at home, such as your mobile phone, Bluetooth uses a 2.4GHz connection to exchange data or communicate between devices - instead of via a cable.

Setup will depend on the make and model of your hearing aids. However, it’s usually the case that the first thing you need to do (after turning everything on) is make sure the devices are paired - that is, check they can communicate!

Your hearing care professional can help you get started and may even be able to complete the setup in store if it’s easier.
Finding the right hearing aid can go a long way towards making life sound good again. With Boots Hearingcare, we’ve got your best results in mind, so let us help improve your quality of hearing right away!

Do you feel like you could benefit from a Bluetooth hearing aid? Book a hearing test with one of our audiologists and start on the right track towards better hearing health…