What Happens at a Hearing Test?
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We have amazing opportunities across the UK for a new role we've developed. Become a Hearing Wellness Advisor today.

Want to make people feel good?

Our Hearing Wellness Advisors (HWA's) work in stores to support our clinics and customers.  As a Boots Hearingcare HWA you will benefit from our clinical training programme which leads to a qualification in audiology and micro suction. 

The role supports weekday and weekend clinics over a cluster of Hearingcare centres.  Our HWAs are therefore very busy people with a flexible and caring mind-set. 
Some of the tasks carried out by our HWA's are:

  • Putting care for our customers and colleagues at the forefront of everything you do and acting with integrity and accountability.
  • Communicating brilliantly by providing best in class customer service in person, by phone and by email. 
  • Carrying out assisted hearing screenings on our customer’s to identify whether they have a hearing loss and establish if a full hearing assessment is required.
  • Providing customers with general information and personalised advice on earwax and ear care management.
  • Performing hearing related tests and assisting customers with hearing aid maintenance and adjustments.
  • Implementing otoscopy procedures and wax removal through Micro Suction
  • Processing orders for new and repaired hearing aids and liaising with suppliers
  • Supporting the stores KPIs by keeping your own and your Audiologists’ diaries busy with appropriate appointments
  • Conducting a range of hearing health / wellbeing screenings.
  • Taking routine and deep aural impressions on safe ears for the provision of ear moulds or other custom-made devices or ear fittings.
  • Committed to being part of one of the best teams in the industry and inspiring those around you.
  • Striving for excellence by embracing ongoing innovative improvements to new ways of working and service provision whilst aiming to be the best you can be.