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Our free, online hearing test is a quick, easy way to find out how well you’re hearing.

Taking just a few minutes, the test will ask you a couple of questions and determine how well you hear three distinct tones. This highlights any hearing challenges you may have, including any hearing loss, and is the first step to hearing better.

All you need is a pair of headphones and a calm, quiet space.

Whatever your results show, if you have any queries or concerns, it’s always best to book an in store hearing test with our audiologists. That way, they can investigate further and make sure your ears are healthy and your hearing isn’t at risk. They’ll also be able to confirm the diagnosis of any conditions and discuss necessary treatment.

Let’s find out how well you’re hearing


How to take the test

It’s important that you find the optimal environment before taking our online hearing test. This is to ensure the reliability of results.

You should:

  • Set up somewhere quiet - a loud and busy room will make it much harder to hear properly and get accurate results
  • Decide between speakers or headphones - we recommend headphones, as these will test your right and left ears individually
  • Turn the volume to a level where it’s comfortable for you

Once you’re relaxed and confident in your surroundings, feel free to begin.

Let’s find out how well you’re hearing

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What our online hearing test entails

The online hearing test is divided into two parts, which include:

  • Checking your hearing at low, mid and high-level frequencies, helping us to understand your hearing threshold for each tone
  • Answering some straightforward questions about your hearing in different scenarios – we’ll use this information to give you an idea of how well you’re hearing and if a risk of loss seems likely

If you do happen to notice any signs of hearing deterioration during or after the testing process, then contact your doctor immediately.