Are you looking for a new career?

Boots Hearingcare has a long history of offering a route to a career in Audiology.  Our accredited qualification in Hearing Aid Dispensing allows individuals to practice in our clinics as those who enter the industry from a traditional university route do. You will earn as you learn and avoid the usual fees associated with a university course.
The course is a work-based, fully-accredited programme which entitles you to, upon successful completion, apply for registration with the Health and Care Professions Council, and practice as a Hearing Aid Dispenser. 

The majority of the programme is on the job learning, supported by classroom and home study activities, all of which you are paid for. Initially your role will involve a placement in a store-based role to give you a basic grounding in audiology and enable you to work in a supporting role to an Audiologist.  As you progress through the course, you will be trained in more clinically advanced tasks, before graduating as a Hearing Aid Dispenser, culminating in you running your own clinic in store.

Once you complete the course, you will be automatically enrolled onto our development programme, which will support your ongoing professional development and provide structured pay increases.

You will have support throughout your study from our Audiology Learning and Development Team, who have a great track record of training our clinical team.

You must meet our entry criteria (see FAQs below).

This is an accredited qualification which requires you to study alongside work.  You will be given time to study during your working week, but we also expect you to study outside of your working hours as you would for any comparable qualification.. 

What are the benefits to you?
  • You will be working for a company that prides itself on a reputation for excellent service, great value for money and putting the customer at the heart of everything it does.
  • Audiology is a profession in huge demand with the pay, benefits and progression you would expect from being a professional clinician. 
  • Post qualification, our development programme will reward you with increased grade and pay, year on year, until you reach an established and experienced professional grade.
  • Paid salary, plus car allowance and access to Boots Hearingcare company benefits including the Boots staff discount card.
  • ‘On Target Earnings’ in year 1, post qualification, of £29,667 plus benefits.

For more information see FAQs

How do apply?
Register your interest and we will let you know when our next selection days will be held.

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Frequently asked questions


How do I apply?

Click on the appropriate vacancy (Student Hearing Aid Audiologist), complete the application information and upload a copy of your CV. We do not require a covering letter. If you have something important to tell us we advise that you put it in the opening statement in your CV.

Can I apply for more than one role?

Please only apply for one role, we will let you know if we think more than one location might suit you and everyone we interview will be asked about possible locations of interest. 

What if I can’t see my location on the website?

All the locations we are recruiting for go live on the same day. We do not recruit for Student Hearing Aid Audiologists in all areas of the country and areas change with each intake.
We rarely recruit Student Hearing Aid Audiologists in the West Midlands or Greater Manchester. Instead we focus on already qualified graduates and experienced Audiologists in these locations.

Can I apply by email?

Please apply through the website as it’s the best way of ensuring your application is looked at and recorded. We cannot accept applications by email.

Is there an age limit to the course?

No. We look for people with experience in all industries and welcome applicants at any stage of life. 

Will I need to relocate?

We prefer to recruit people in the locations they live. If in the unusual circumstances of the stores local to you/offered being unavailable once qualified, we would look at alternative locations for you. This process would be done through consultation with you and it is always our hope to deploy people close to where they already live.

How can I get more information?

If you are invited to interview we will provide a comprehensive information booklet and you will be given an opportunity to ask additional questions. However 95% of all questions are answered on our website and through the information booklet.

What is a car allowance?

We pay car allowance as a contribution to travel and it is for you to decide how best to make use of it. We pay an annual figure pro-rata monthly with your salary. Car allowance is subject to tax as it is part of your annual income.

The qualification

How long does it take to qualify?

Approximately 1 year, the total credits of the programme is equal to 240 credits; which is equivalent to 2400 hours of notional student learning hours. Individual situations may influence pace of progression.

Is this a Graduate job?

No graduates in Audiology/Healthcare Science (Audiology) are already qualified Audiologists.  However, if you already have a degree and are qualified in another subject area you are welcome to apply under the same terms as anyone else.

Is a Qualification in Hearing Aid Dispensing the same as a Foundation Degree in Audiology?

No, but it is at an equivalent academic level and leads to the same Scope of Practice.  We have been approved by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) to deliver our programme. Should you wish to use this qualification towards a BSc later in your career you would have to contact the relevant University who would need to review and map the course content While the HCPC is recognised in UK Audiology circles, Universities outside the UK or courses of different disciplines may view this course differently.

Is a Hearing Aid Dispenser the same as an Audiologist?

Our Qualification in Hearing Aid Dispensing enables those who qualify to be eligible to apply for  registration with the HCPC. This is a legal requirement to work in the private sector. Audiologist is a more generalised title typically used in the NHS for those who have completed a BSc in Audiology/Healthcare Science (Audiology) which includes a wider academic curriculum. 
Your scope of practice is in  Adult Hearing Aid Audiology which is not the same those qualified with a 3 year BSc in Audiology/Healthcare Science (Audiology). However, it does not affect your career prospects with Boots Hearingcare and all of our qualified Audiologists currently have the job title Hearing Aid Audiologist regardless of their qualification route. 

Could I work for another company with this qualification?

HCPC registration as a Hearing Aid Dispenser is the required benchmark for all private hearing care companies. Our course meets this requirement but you will need to sign a contract to stay with the company for 3 years as  we have invested in your training.

Selection Criteria

What is the minimum entry criteria?

  • You must have UK right to work. We do not offer sponsorship for this role. 
  • You must have a GCSE C/4, Functional Skills Level 2 or Scottish Nationals (N5) in both Maths and English and ideally a Science 
Please note:  Maths and English qualifications are compulsory. The entry requirement to this course is specific and those with more advanced qualifications do not have an advantage in this process.
  • You must have the original certificates when you apply. If you do not we will not invite you to interview. You must be able to drive and have access to a car if successful because your job will require travel and you are likely to be allocated a selection of stores beyond the one named in the advert.
  • You must be able to stay away from home as our training centre is located in Birmingham. This is where you will spend a number of ad hoc weeks (Monday – Friday) throughout the duration of your studies. We will also expect you to travel to stores for training activities. We are glad to say that once qualified, staying away from home is not part of the day to day role.