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The long hot days and warm nights of summer are hard to beat. Then again, so are the sounds that accompany this sizzling season.

During summertime we often find ourselves more attuned to the world around us – including its audio. Whether natural or manmade, summer sounds are certainly unique, and it takes a clean bill of hearing health to appreciate them fully.

Boots Hearingcare looks at 10 of the most popular summer sounds and you should listen out for this year…
sound of drinks poured over ice
1.  Drinks poured over ice

With the sun coming our more and more, people are naturally drinking more chilled beverages. This means the refreshing sound of liquid being poured over ice is more prominent than ever. Whether it’s a cocktail or soft drink, the crisp, clear sound of a freshly poured cold drink is all part of the summer experience.

sound of a bbq
 Sizzle of a barbecue
You know it’s summer when the sizzle of meat hitting the grill fills your ears, and the salivating smell that follows can’t be ignored. Burgers, steak, chicken, veggies – everything tastes a little better when it’s grilled. And the first time you hear that noise after the barbecue has been sitting in the garage for the past twelve months is simply incomparable.​

sounds of waves on a beach
3. Waves breaking on a beach

The crashing of waves against the shore is a very popular summer sound. So popular, in fact, that according to recent research, almost half of British people say that it’s their favourite sound ever. Of course, it’s always best relaxing to this peaceful natural audio when there’s not many people about; if calmness and serenity are what you’re after, make sure you visit a beach that’s relatively crowd-free.

sound of fireworks
4. Fireworks

Looking up at a sky filled with fireworks is fun, and the sound always gets people in the mood for celebrating. Indeed, some people travel far to hear and see explosions light up the night sky. However, it’s important to remember that this noise may do more harm to your ears than you initially think, which is why ear protection is essential if you plan on listening to firework displays longer than 20 minutes

5. Bees buzzing
Bees may not hold the title for most popular insect, but it’s clear that summer wouldn’t be the same without their buzzing. Hearing bees peacefully pollinating the garden is a great way to relax under the gorgeous sun. And don’t worry, if you leave them about their business, they shouldn’t be a bother at all

Sound of outdoor music
6. Outdoor music
Summertime is a great reason to enjoy the outdoors with music on full blast (though for the benefit of your long-term hearing health, we recommend turning the volume down to an acceptable level). You can enjoy outdoor music in lots of different ways – whether you prefer listening to physical CDs or downloading to your device; via headphones or speakers. Just keep the neighbours in mind if you’re tempted by the latter

sound of a thunder storm
A thunderstorm
Some people find them scary, but for many, the sound of thunderstorms during summer is exciting and unmissable. Crack of thunder? Check. Flash of lightning? Check. Relief of cooler temperatures after a sudden downpour? Double check. Plus, rainfall acts as natural white noise, which can help calm you down and relax your mind after feeling stressed.

sound of crickets
8. Crickets

The sweet songs of crickets chirping are a hallmark of any tranquil summer night. Summer is when male crickets look to attract mates, which results in the smooth, crisp evening sounds we all recognise. And even though they may keep singing while you try to sleep, there’s no getting around the fact that crickets doing their thing is a summertime lullaby we all miss come autumn

Sound of a bonfire
9. Bonfire crackling
Many people use summer as the perfect excuse for a bonfire. Day or night, the sound of wood popping conjures up images of camping, marshmallows being toasted, and quiet contentment with the world. Remember to book a hearing test so you can make sure your ears are ready for the beautiful sounds a crackling bonfire makes.

sound of a lawnmower
10. Hum of lawnmower
That gentle hum of a lawnmower cutting grass is one of the most recognisable sounds of British summertime. And it only gets better with the unmistakable scent left behind. Summer is about stimulating all the senses, and you’ll definitely want to make sure your hearing is in good shape for fully appreciating this delightful din!

Summer sounds are all about enjoying the good life, and healthy hearing is an essential part of that. See an audiologist or your GP to determine if you have any hearing issues before they develop.

Want to enjoy these sounds of summer and many more? Find a Boots Hearingcare store near you and ensure your hearing is as good as it can be…
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