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AudioNova DX hearing aids

AudioNova DX offers a range in-the-ear hearing aids. Packed full of features to make sound clearer, they’re discreet and sleek in design.

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Key features for AudioNova DX hearing aids

The AudioNova DX hearing aids are easy to use and come with different technology levels that suit your hearing and lifestyle needs. Selected options come with wireless Bluetooth connectivity that can connect to iOS and Android Phones, TVs and other digital devices. 

The AudioNova DX comes in battery-powered models. 

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Seamlessly connect your hearing aids to your devices

Various colours

Choose from a range of colours for your hearing aids

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Wireless Bluetooth® Connectivity

Simply pair your smartphone and you’re ready to take or make a call hands-free. You don’t even need to have your phone nearby to chat, the microphone on the hearing aid will pick up your voice with your caller’s voice being heard in both ears. Once paired with your phone, you’ll be able to stream music, audiobooks, podcasts and more. There’s even a clever TV Connector* available which will stream sound from your TV straight to your hearing aids - making viewing comfortable for everyone. Selected models only

Hearing Remote app*†

Sync your aid(s) to your smartphone and control the volume with the touch of a button