Tuesday 25th August, 2015

The nation’s most nostalgic sound

Inspiring 10 million people to take action with the Great Big Hearing Check

Clinking milk bottles, the Nokia phone ring tone, a hand held school bell and the sounds of a VHS tape rewinding or fast forwarding have all topped the list of sounds that bring back fond memories. We've polled people in their 30s, 40s and 50s to discover those all-important nostalgic sounds in a bid to inspire people to have a free hearing check as part of the Great Big Hearing Check - the annual awareness campaign in association with charity Action on Hearing Loss.

More people than ever are suffering from hearing loss, with over 10 million people in the UK affected and, of those, two in five remain untreated. The Great Big Hearing Check is a UK-wide initiative that encourages people to take action on their hearing loss so they don’t miss out on the sounds they love.

The research reveals that the standout sounds for those in their 30s include the crackle of an indoor wood fire and the dial up tone of an internet modem. Whilst people in their 40s raised a smile when fondly remembering the dialling of a rotary telephone the scratching of a record on a record player and tuning an analogue radio to find the right station. And for the over 50s, the ringing of a bicycle bell, the sound of a steam engine and chalk on a blackboard brought back nostalgic memories.

Boots Hearingcare Managing Director, Jonathan Gardner said: “Your hearing is about much more than just a daily function – certain sounds can have an emotional impact too. Our research highlighted a third of people admit they have never really thought about hearing loss and 20% of over 50s know they can’t hear as well as they used to, but just accept it as a way of life. It is easy to take your hearing for granted, which is why we have launched the Great Big Hearing Check to encourage people to look after their hearing health so they don’t miss out on the sounds that help build memories.”

Paul Breckell, Chief Executive of charity Action on Hearing Loss, said: “It takes people up to ten years to take action when they realise their hearing is changing – and in those ten years they can miss out on so many family events, memorable moments or even be forced into early retirement or unemployment.  But there is so much that can be done to help you. If you are struggling to hear or asking people to repeat themselves more often, then a simple hearing check - either through Boots Hearingcare or the NHS - can give you the essential help and support you need. Regardless of your age, the Great Big Hearing Check offers you the chance to take the right step and protect your hearing for the future.”

As part of the Great Big Hearing Check, we're offering people a free, quick, simple way to identify any issues with their hearing as soon as possible instead of waiting the decade it takes most people to take action.

Book your free hearing check online now, or call on 0845 270 1600

The Great Big Hearing Check campaign runs until Tuesday 15 September.

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