Invisible hearing aids


Have you seen our invisible hearing aid?

No, not at all? Exactly!

Our fantastic new hearing aid is small. Really small. And because it fits slightly deeper in the ear canal than your average hearing aid it’s virtually invisible when worn. That means you get all the benefits of better hearing without anyone understanding how you do it.

Whilst it can’t be seen the difference can be heard.

Just because this new hearing aids is small doesn’t mean it's less effective.

We’ve made sure this tiny device has the high speed processors and clarity enhancing features of the very latest hearing aids. These are the things that make sure you get to enjoy all the great things life has to offer like conversations with friends and family, an evening out in your favourite restaurant or a cosy night in front of the TV. And you can enjoy all this with the confidence that whilst people might notice the difference in your hearing they definitely won’t notice your hearing aid.

So if you like what you (don’t) see book a free appointment online or call 0845 270 1600 to find out more about this amazing little hearing aid.


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