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If you have any concerns about your hearing, the best first step is to have your hearing tested. And the good news is, all our appointments are free at Boots Hearingcare! You can call us on 0345 270 1600 or click here to book your free appointment.

If you’ve never had your hearing tested before, don’t worry! Hearing tests are straightforward and painless. You’ll be asked to discuss your hearing and then to complete some of tests that will check the health of your ears and how well you’re hearing. You can learn more about what’s involved by reading the 'What happens in a hearing test?' section below.

If you’re not sure you need a hearing test at the moment, take a look at our Do I need a hearing test section which provides more information on who should get their hearing checked and how regularly. 

What happens at a hearing test?

We offer two types of hearing test; both are free of charge and carried out by qualified Boots experts.

1. Hearing health check

A hearing health check is a free 15 minute appointment. It's ideal if you've never had a hearing test before or you have mild concerns about your hearing. The appointment includes a general check of the health of your ears and a hearing screen; where we’ll ask you to respond to a series of sounds played through headphones.

The results of your hearing health check will indicate if there are any issues with your hearing that should be explored further in a full hearing test.

You can book a free hearing health check at Boots Hearingcare online or call us on 0345 270 1600.


2. Full hearing test

Also free of charge, this simple but comprehensive test takes about an hour and includes the following four stages:

One First, we’ll discuss your hearing with you. This will include questions about your health and hearing history, but also your lifestyle (as this can often impact on how your hearing affects you). This will also help us to understand possible causes for any hearing problems.
Two Next, we’ll examine your ears. From this we’ll be able to assess the general health of your ear and ear canal and identify any wax, obstruction or infection that may be affecting your ability to hear clearly. If we do discover anything that requires attention from your GP we’ll refer you straight away.
Three The third stage is the hearing test itself. We’ll present you with a series of sounds and ask you to press a button whenever you hear one. As the test progresses, we’ll plot the details of your hearing on a graph called an audiogram, which will provide a ‘picture’ of your hearing levels. If appropriate we may also carry out a spoken word test to assess how well you can hear speech with and without background noise.

Finally we’ll take you through your results. If the test indicates your hearing is within normal levels we’ll invite you to come back for your next regular check in two years' time.

If your hearing test indicates you have some level of hearing loss, we’ll take the time to discuss your options with you. One of these options may be to consider a hearing aid. At Boots we have a wide range of styles, sizes and prices which we can take you through or, even better, let you hear for yourself with a free demonstration.

You can book any of these free appointments online or call us on 0345 270 1600 

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