Who is a Full Hearing Assessment for?

A Full Hearing Assessment is recommended if you:

Our Full Hearing Assessments are 75 minutes

I'm already a Boots Hearingcare customer

If you've not been diagonised but feel that you are suffering from hearing loss, our free in-store Hearing Health Check is the best place to start.

We take caring for your health seriously

You know at Boots we take your health seriously. And this has never been more important than right now. That’s why we’re taking extra precautions to keep you and our colleagues safe as we provide the expert care we’re known for. In each and every store we have:

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  • Enabled safe social distancing by limiting the number of customers in store
  • Limiting the number of appointments each day to allow time for our rooms to be cleaned between appointments and to help make sure you’re not left waiting
  • Provided colleagues with the right personal protective equipment (PPE) to provide care safely
  • Put in place additional deep cleaning procedures throughout the day
  • Provided hygiene stations in store for you to take advantage of
  • Changed to cashless payments only to minimise contact
What's involved in a Full Hearing Assessment
Book online
General ear health check (including a video otoscopy)
Thorough hearing test to check your ability to hear various frequencies and speech in noise
We plot your results on an Audiogram and then offer advice and recommendations to help you hear better

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General ear health check

We start the 75 minute appointment talking to you about your medical background and what hearing problems you may be experiencing. Then, complete a general ear health check on both ears, including a video otoscopy.

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Hearing Test

We'll then conduct a thorough hearing test, checking your ability to hear sounds at various frequencies and to assess your understanding of speech in noise. Bringing a loved one with you can help with the test by having a familar voice in the room.

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Results and recommendations

We'll plot your results on an audiogram and explain what they mean. There's plenty of time to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. We'll also offer some advice and recommendations, including a demo of latest digital hearing aids if appropriate.

Frequently asked questions

How much does an assessment cost?
At Boots Hearingcare, all our hearing tests and hearing health checks are completely free. Why not encourage a friend to come for a hearing test too?
How can I help a loved one with hearing loss?
Because hearing loss is so gradual, a person with a hearing loss might not even notice it. But it can be frustrating if a loved one seems to be struggling to hear – maybe they have the TV on very loudly, they ask you to repeat yourself a lot, or they have trouble talking to you on the phone.

They might even become a little withdrawn and spend less time in social situations because they’re struggling to hear. If you think someone you know has a hearing loss, here are some things you can do for them:
  • Chat in quiet places where there’s less background noise
  • Make sure they can see your face when you talk – lots of people use basic lip-reading without realising
  • Encourage them to book a free hearing check and go with them to their appointment. You could even have your hearing tested too!
  • If they have a new hearing aid, make sure you’re patient as they get used to hearing better again
How old do you have to be for a hearing test?
We only offer hearing tests for adults aged 19 and over.