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Phonak Naida Paradise Hearing Aid

The Naida Paradise behind-the-ear hearing aid. With features such as Speech Enhancer, Dynamic Noise Cancellation, Motion Sensor Hearing*, and more.

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Key features for Phonak Naida Paradise hearing aids

The Phonak Naida Paradise offers a range of behind-the-ear hearing aids. Enjoy next-level powerful sound and connects to smartphones, apps, TVs, and more. Naída Paradise responds to your needs in a variety of different listening situations with new features including, Speech Enhancer, Dynamic Noise Cancellation, Motion Sensor Hearing*, and more.

The Naida Paradise comes in battery powered and rechargeable models. 

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Seamlessly connect your hearing aids to your devices

Rechargeable option

Your hearing aids should keep up with you, come with rechargeable batteries.


Custom-made to provide a perfect and discreet fit and high wearing comfort

Full description

  • Wireless Bluetooth® Connectivity
  • Rechargeable options
  • Tinnitus Balance
  • Comapatibility with myPhonak app
  • Compatibility with Roger and Phonak wireless accessories
  • ​Adpats to reduce noise in noisy enviroments
  • ​SoundRecover


These hearing aids connect to smartphones, TV, and other devices. Use them for hands-free calls, TV, music, e-books, podcasts and so much more†


Improve speech understanding in loud noise and over distance1. Roger™ microphones stream sound directly to your Paradise hearing aids2**


The myPhonak app has an advanced remote control function so you can fine-tune your hearing aids to the hearing situation†

Naida Paradise Model Breakdown






Comfort in Echo Yes      
Speech in Car Yes      
Speech in Loud Noise Yes      
Music Yes Yes    
Comfort in Noise Yes Yes Yes  
Max. additional programs 4 4 4 4
Comfort in Echo Yes      
Speech in Loud Noise Yes Yes    
Speech in 360° * Yes Yes    
Dynamic Noise Cancellation Yes      
Speech Enhancer Yes      
EchoBlock Yes      
Tap Control* Yes Yes    
StreoZoom Yes Yes    
WindBlock Yes Yes    
SoundRelax Yes Yes    
Motion Sensor Hearing* Yes Yes Yes  
DuoPhone Yes Yes Yes  
Real Ear Sound Yes Yes Yes  
Acoustically Optimized Vent Yes Yes Yes  
Roger and Directional setting Yes Yes Yes Yes
NoiseBlock Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fine tuning channels 20 20 18 12