Coronavirus (COVID-19) service updates

Coronavirus (COVID-19) service updates

we're here for youWith lockdown restrictions evolving nationally, we wanted to reassure you that we’ll be remaining open across the UK as a provider of essential healthcare.
You can still book in-store appointments online and our Customer Care Team are on hand to answer any concerns you may have about your hearing or your hearing aids.

We ask you not to come to store if you are showing COVID symptoms (high temperature, persistant cough, loss or change in taste), have knowingly been in close contact with someone else who has symptoms or has tested positive or you are awaiting test results (even if you have no symptoms currently).

Frequently asked questions

I sent my hearing aids off for repair, what will happen to them?
If you were due to collect repaired hearing aids after repair and have an appointment arranged, unless we contact you the appointment will go ahead. If you woud prefer not to come in please contact Customer Engagement Centre . 

If you have recently returned your hearing aids to store to be sent away for repair, if they haven’t already been sent to the manufacturer, they will be returned to you for safe keeping. Information on contacting our Customer Care Team to discuss next steps will be included with your hearing aids.

Our Customer Care Team are all working from home and look forward to assisting you as best as they can at this challenging time.

If you have Phonak, Starkey, AudioNova or Widex hearing aids which have already been sent for repair, these will be posted back to you as soon as the repair has been completed.

If you have any hearing aids in your possession which need a repair please contact our Customer Care Team on 0345 270 1591. We will try to guide you through the repair, alternatively we will share details of where to send your hearing aids.
I am worried that I will not follow what the audiologist is saying in the clinic if they are wearing a face covering
We understand your apprehension completely. Please be assured that our collegaues are very mindful of this and will ensure you undertand all that is discussed. We can adapt and support our ways of working if you need extra support with effective communcation.
I have a medical exemption for not wearing a mask, does this impact my ability to attend an appointment ?
Part of our covid safe ways of working requires a customer aswell as our colleagues to wear a fluid resistance face mask . If you do have an exemption please notify us when booking your appointment and carry your exemption card with you. We will do all we can to accomodate this and adapt our ways of working to keep us all safe.
My hearing aid needs a repair but I would prefer not to come in to store, what else can I do?
If you have someone else that could drop off your hearing aid in store we would be happy to look at your hearing aid without you present and let you know if we can repair or it needs to be sent off to the supplier.

If you want to arrange to drop off we can either provide an appointment for the person bring in your aid or they can drop off and pick up when we let you know it is ready. Please note we cannot guaratee to have ready the same day.

We also operate a central clean and check service if you would like to post your hearing aids to us. Contact us on 0345 270 1591* for more information
Will I still receive my orders from the Boots Hearingcare shop?
All orders from the Boots Hearingcare shop will be to despatched as normal. Please allow up to 10 working days for delivery.
I am not due a hearing test yet, but would like to book for the future, is that possible?

We have opened a number of stores across the UK and appointments available to book online in the future if you need us.

I recently purchased an aid, where can I get help?
If you're experiencing difficulties, you can contact our customer care team on 0345 270 1600* for the cost of a local call – see our opening times

*Please note all calls will be recorded or monitored for quality and training purposes. Local rates apply from BT landlines in the UK, other provider's charges may vary. Please check with your provider for details
Can I check or test my hearing online?
Yes, we have an online hearing test that assesses your ability to hear at different frequencies. You'll get instant feedback and be offered to have the results email to you. 

You can use it to verify any hearing loss or hearing-related issue. The test is for indicative purposes and isn't to replace a properly thorough examination by a professional hearing specialist.

Start the test 
How old do you have to be for a hearing test?
We only offer hearing tests for adults aged 19 and over. All our hearing tests and appointments are completely free. Whilst we have closed our stores for new appointments, you can take our online hearing test. You’ll get instant feedback on your ability to hear different frequencies.
Can I have a hearing test at home?
We are offering a home service to selected areas in the UK.

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You can still take our online hearing test. You’ll get instant feedback on your ability to hear different frequencies.

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