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Peter Schmeichel Joins Boots Hearingcare to Challenge Hearing Loss Stigma

Addressing the stigma of hearing loss

Manchester United icon, Peter Schmeichel, is spearheading a groundbreaking campaign with Boots Hearingcare to challenge the persistent stigmas associated with hearing loss and the use of hearing aids. Schmeichel, who has recently been fitted with hearing aids himself, is using his platform to encourage individuals experiencing hearing difficulties to seek help rather than endure the silent struggle.
peter schmeichel hearing aids

The impact of untreated hearing loss

Recent research from Boots Hearingcare highlights the profound effects untreated hearing loss can have on individuals. Key findings include:

Mental health impact: 23% of individuals with untreated hearing loss reported negative effects on their mental health.

Social withdrawal: 46% of hearing aid users admitted to avoiding social interactions due to hearing difficulties.

Stigma: a significant 74% believe there is a stigma attached to wearing hearing aids.

Schmeichel’s own experience mirrors these findings. Initially hesitant to get a hearing test, he recalls a pivotal moment when he struggled to hear fellow footballer Freddie Ljungberg during an event. This experience spurred him into action, leading to his partnership with Boots Hearingcare.

A personal journey

“I believe I was born with some kind of hearing loss, which got progressively worse over time to the point where I would really struggle in social situations where there was a lot of background noise,” says Schmeichel. “My father had hearing loss too, but he put off getting hearing aids until he was in his 80s, which was too late. I just wish we’d taken him for a hearing test sooner."

By sharing his story, Schmeichel aims to destigmatise hearing aids, comparing them to the acceptance of glasses or earbuds. He hopes this campaign will inspire others to take the first step towards better hearing health.

Protecting your hearing at live events

As football fans gear up for the season, audiologists from Boots Hearingcare are emphasising the importance of protecting your hearing during loud match days. With stadium noise levels often exceeding 90 dB, prolonged exposure can lead to permanent hearing damage. Audiologist Hannah Samuels advises using discreet earplugs that allow fans to enjoy the atmosphere while safeguarding their hearing.

Encouraging action and awareness

Despite the stigma, it's crucial to address hearing issues early. Feraz Ashraf, Senior Audiologist at Boots Hearingcare, points out that modern hearing aids are sophisticated devices that can significantly enhance daily life, reducing background noise and focusing on speech.

“Our mission is to get everyone hearing more of what they love, and to change those outdated stigmas that surround the world of hearing care,” says Feraz.

Schmeichel met with two hard-of-hearing Manchester United fans, experiencing their first live football match since being fitted with hearing aids. This moving encounter is part of a new video aimed at encouraging people to act if they are struggling with hearing loss.

For those concerned about their hearing, booking an appointment with our audiologist is a critical first step. If you are over 50, you can book a free hearing test at Boots Hearingcare.