Widex Evoke

Introducing the world's first smart hearing aids: the new Evoke hearing aid range from Widex. 

Smart today, smarter tomorrow

What's better than a great hearing aid? How about one that gets even better every day you wear it? That's where Widex Evoke comes in. The brand new, revolutionary SoundSense Technology inside each Widex Evoke hearing aid means that as you use them, they evolve, grow and learn with you. As you tailor your hearing aid settings that give you your best individual listening experience, this technology learns and remembers these settings.

Better hearing for everyone

But Evoke hearing aids don't just learn from you. They use anonymous data from other Evoke wearers across the world to build the very best listening experience for everyone. So that great hearing aid helps you hear better and better, with less and less adjustment needed from you!

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Easy adjustment and control

It couldn't be easier to fine-tune your hearing with Widex Evoke: you can even do it without having to touch or adjust your hearing aid at all with the Widex Evoke app. Its SoundSense Learn feature is a quick and easy way for you to tell your hearing aids which sound profiles you prefer, allowing your hearing aids to build up a picture of the precise details that enable you to hear at your best – and you'll see the difference straight away.

Plus, you can use the Widex app to adjust your hearing aids' volume and use GPS to locate your hearing aids if you've misplaced them.


As easy as you want it to be

But even if you don't fancy tailoring your own listening experience with Evoke's smart technology, you can still enjoy incredible sound. Just enable the Universal program, which lets Evoke automatically adjust to your needs and environment – without any effort from you. 

Smart hearing never sounded better!

And as well as all of this, Evoke also gives exceptional sound quality with its powerful technology inside:

  • Fluid Sound Controller – the fastest and most accurate processor that Widex have developed. Its speed and power means that you get the most natural sound possible. 
  • SoundSense Adapt uses adaptive learning to remember your preferred settings for each environment, and gives you better sound wherever you are.
  • Fluid Sound Analyser – analyses your sound environment and prioritises the most important sounds to you, so you can always hear exactly what you want to, more accurately than ever.

Would you like to try Widex Evoke for yourself? Start by booking a free appointment online or calling 0345 200 7043. And don't forget that you can spread the cost of Widex Evoke interest free over 12, 18 or 24 months – click here for our pricing details.

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