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Unitron North

Lots of different styles, including behind-the-ear and in-the-ear

  • Been designed to be so light and comfortable you barely notice them
  • Five different technology levels, with up to 20 features in one hearing aid!
  • Amazing technology that's built to help you hear better in background noise
  • 12 colours for you to choose from

Unitron know that background noise can be tough, especially when you’re trying to have a conversation. So if you’re in a busy restaurant, pub, party, or even in a busy shop, the North range can to help you focus on the sounds that you want to hear.


North comes in five performance levels, and here are some of their amazing features…

  • SpeechZone and SpeechZone2: automatically kick in around difficult background noise so to zone in on the speech you want to hear
  • Feedback manager: instantly stops any annoying whistling or feedback
  • AntiShock: instantly supresses sudden loud noises without muting the sounds you want to hear
  • Natural Sound Balance: continuously monitors and adjusts your hearing aid settings to preserve natural sound quality
  • Wind control: reduces wind noise so you can listen outside more comfortably
  • Multiband adaptive directional microphone: focuses on sounds in front of you, finding and suppressing background noise sources.
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