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… Our most personalised hearing solution ever!

Just like a fingerprint, every ear is unique. They come in different sizes, different shapes and with different hearing levels. Even your left ear is different from your right one – that means there are over 14 billion different ears across the world!

And because every ear is a different size and shape, they all receive sound waves differently. And now Phonak, a world-leading hearing aid manufacturer, have created a hearing aid to use the unique shape of your ear to build the perfect hearing aid for you.

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Virto B On Finger

Virto B takes custom-made hearing solutions to the next level. Currently, all in-the-ear hearing aids are customised on the outside – this is so they fit your ear. But Virto B is our first hearing aid that’s customised on the inside too. So not only does it fit perfectly in your ear, the technology inside it is uniquely programmed so that it works perfectly with the way your ears receive sound waves!

Phonak call this biometric calibration. We call it the most personalised hearing solution we’ve ever seen: giving you the most natural sound we’ve ever heard from a hearing aid so small.

 Virto B Biometric Calibration

Five steps to our most personalised hearing aids ever...

  1. Your Hearing Aid Audiologist sends a 3D impression of your ear and ear canal to Phonak
  2. Phonak extract over 1600 data points from the impression
  3. A clever algorithm calculates how your ear receives sound, and makes adjustments to the technology inside
  4. Your hearing aid is crafted with accuracy and precision to perfectly match your ear’s shape
  5. Phonak send your unique hearing aid back to your Hearing Aid Audiologist!

Click here to book a free appointment in store to find out more about how Virto B can help you. Or you can call us on 0345 202 7042.

How can Virto B help you?

But Virto B hearing aids aren’t just ultra-personalised. They’re also packed with powerful features and have amazing benefits that will help you hear at your best, wherever you are.*

  • Small and discreet – Virto B hearing aids come in different sizes but they’re all discreet and barely noticeable. In fact, one size is invisible in your ear! No matter which is best for you, rest assured it will be small but mighty!
  • Sensing your surroundings – Phonak’s Autosense OS technology analyses the sounds around you every 0.4 seconds and identifies where you are. And whether it’s a noisy restaurant or bar, a concert, or just at home, your hearing aids adjust automatically to give you the best sound wherever you are. Simple!
  • Easy to use and clean – all Virto B models have an optional push button, which means it's easy to adjust programmes or volume whenever and wherever you are. Plus, keeping them clean is simple too, so you can rest assured they’ll stay working at their best for longer!
  • Amazing battery life – Virto B has been designed to maximise battery life, so you don’t need to change your hearing aid batteries so often. Phonak say that some of the Virto B models even have a battery life of up to ten days!
  • Something for everyone – Virto B comes in six different models, and each has four performance levels: so it’s even easier for you and your Hearing Aid Audiologist to find the perfect one for you.


Plus, don’t forget that Virto B is available from Boots with interest-free monthly payments, so you can spread the cost without any interest for 12, 18 or 24 months. Click here to learn more!


*Features depend on hearing aid chosen. Not all hearing aids in the range have all features listed.

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