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AudioNova T range

The AudioNova T was created with your everyday needs in mind, offering lots of great benefits to help you get the most out of your hearing.

  • 2 Styles (Behind-the-ear and In-the-ear)
  • 3 Technology levels
  • Push button control
  • Long lasting battery

Its features include:
• Great sound quality – enjoy everyday situations effortlessly, from conversations
to music, with 360 natural hearing
• Automatic adjustment – tailored to your needs for smoother listening, pinpointing where sounds and speech are coming from to ensure you’ll never miss a thing
• Environmental mapping – effortlessly and accurately adjust to your environment, so
you feel confident wherever you go
• All-day comfort – enjoy great hearing when it matters most and
wear your hearing aids in comfort throughout the day
• Sync with your accessories – make listening feel even more satisfying with a range of accessories that can enhance the way you hear, from listening to your TV to changing
your settings discreetly and easily* 

* BTE products only – requires AudioNova Digital Wireless Accessory to enable this functionality

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