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Audacious is the UK’s only mobile network for people with hearing loss. They developed world first technology that personalises mobile calls to your unique hearing. It is medically certified and in clinical trials 88% of people with hearing loss experienced clearer calls.

Audacious measures how you hear on your mobile and then reprocess the sounds of calls according to your hearing profile. All you need is an Audacious SIM card, nothing else - no other hearing tech or fiddly bits.

How it works

Step 1

Order your SIM card

Enjoy everything you do with your current mobile service now from only £5 per month.

Step 2

Create hearing profile

Once you receive your SIM, take the Sound Check to create your hearing profile.

Step 3

Enjoy a month FREE

Hear your conversations like never before – with a FREE month on us!*

*If you create your hearing profile within 28 days, we’ll give you your next month for free. Terms and conditions apply.

Hear the difference of clearer calls for yourself

How standard mobile calls might
sound if you have a mild hearing loss


How the same call would
sound with an Audacious SIM card


Why choose Audacious

  • Get clearer mobile calls, anywhere, anytime.
  • Our SIM works with any mobile handset.
  • You can keep your current mobile number.
  • We offer a 28-day money back guarantee.
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