Our aftercare programme

When you purchase a hearing aid from Boots, it comes complete with a lifetime of aftercare. Our programme is specially designed to help you get the most out of your hearing aid and consists of:

It can take time to get used to a new hearing aid. Follow up appointments are used to discuss your first experiences and make sure your hearing aid is supporting your hearing the best it can. We may make individual fine tuning adjustments to improve the performance of your hearing aid and to ensure you are getting the most effective and comfortable hearing experience from your hearing aid.

A six monthly appointment typically takes less than half an hour but is an important part of your aftercare programme. We give your ears a health check and make sure your hearing aid is in full working order. Where necessary, we'll give it a clean and make any fine adjustments.

Just as your eyesight gradually changes over time, so does your hearing. We recommend a full reassessment at your local Boots Hearingcare centre every 18 months to 2 years. At this appointment we carry out a full hearing test and a detailed examination of your ears. We also check whether your hearing aid needs adjusting or reprogramming to make sure it is supporting your new hearing levels effectively. Usually these appointments will take between 30 minutes and an hour.

If in-between our standard aftercare appointments you have a problem or need advice, we’re there when you need us with our service appointments; available for you to arrange at any stage in your hearing care journey.

You can book a free appointment at Boots Hearingcare online or call us on 0845 270 1600.


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To provide this service Boots will collect personal data about you, which could include sensitive information about your health, lifestyle or ethnicity.

By booking this service you agree that Boots may use this information to give you the best care and advice we can, in this or, where it's relevant, any other Boots service.

Boots is committed to protecting your privacy and keeping your personal data safe. So, we'd never sell your personal data. Please have a look at our privacy policy for more info on how we use your data.

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