Widex Beyond

Introducing the clever Beyond hearing aid from Widex – a powerful hearing aid designed to sync to your phone so you can take even more control of your own hearing!

Your hearing, designed by you

With Widex Beyond, it's easy for you to control your hearing no matter where you are. That's because you can adjust different sound settings – like volume and sound direction – right from your phone with its easy-to-use app! The app lets you create your own personal templates for specific listening situations, like being in a restaurant, a concert, or at home with family and friends: so that when you're next there, just a couple of taps will mean your hearing aid is tuned perfectly to let you hear at your best.

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It couldn't be easier to fine-tune your hearing, and all without having to touch or adjust your hearing aid at all. You can even monitor your hearing aid's battery life from your phone too. 

Sound straight into your ears

As Beyond is connected to your phone, you can stream sound straight into your ears! You can be quickly and easily connected to phone calls, music, and more: with the best sound possible straight into your hearing aids.

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Connected hearing never sounded better!

And as well as all of this, Beyond also gives exceptional sound quality with its powerful technology inside:

  • True Input Technology –This feature means you can enjoy the most natural sound in all listening situations, from the everyday to the extreme. You can listen comfortably, knowing that what you're hearing is as true-to-life as it gets, and all without sacrificing clarity of speech.
  • Soft Level Noise Reduction – Beyond hearing aids can tell the difference between soft speech that you want to hear and annoying soft background noise which you don't. It knows which sounds to amplify and which to drown out, so you know you're hearing exactly what you want to without any distractions.
  • SmartWind Manager – This feature simply wipes wind noise from your hearing aids before you hear it, but preserves the other sounds you do want to hear. Studies have shown that the SmartWind Manager significantly reduced wind noise annoyance, while increasing speech understanding.

Would you like to try Widex Beyond for yourself? Start by booking a free appointment online or calling 0345 200 7043. And don't forget that you can spread the cost of Widex Beoynd interest free over 12, 18 or 24 months – click here for our pricing details.


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