Widex Unique 220

Widex Unique 220
Widex Unique 220
Widex Unique 220
Widex Unique 220
Widex Unique 220
Widex Unique 220
RangeHearing AidPrice for OnePrice for Two
Silver Widex Unique 220 £1,715 £2,395

The Widex Unique comes in four levels of technology – the 110, the 220, the 330 and the 440. The Unique range is designed for those who require more power from their hearing aids.  The Unique 440 is part of our "Best" range and combines big power with excellent sound quality and smaller housings.  The best wind noise reduction system is one of the new features from Widex giving you the power to hear clearly even in the more windy environments.

The Unique 440 comes in a great range of styles and colours, so you can be sure to find the right one for you!

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  • 5 Year Warranty
    5 Year Warranty

    This hearing aid comes complete with a 5 year warranty which covers your hearing aid for malfunction, breakdown or faulty workmanship during that time. 

  • Channels

    Simply put, the number of channels determines how finely your hearing aid can be tuned to best suit your individual level of hearing loss. The more channels the hearing aid has, the more it can be finely tuned to give you the most natural and effective hearing experience.

  • Manual Programmes
    Manual Programmes

    Programmes are memory settings within the hearing aid, set up for you by your Hearing Aid Audiologist, that allow the hearing aid to operate at its optimum potential within specific listening environments. For example, if you regularly attend the theatre your Hearing Aid Audiologist could set a ‘Theatre programme’ which would have the ideal settings to help you hear the actors on the stage. Another programme might be set for you to listen to your TV whilst another might be optimized for use in noisy restaurants where you could need more amplification with a higher level of background noise reduction.

    With manual programmes you have to manually switch the hearing aid to the appropriate programme yourself to get the tailored support you need for that specific environment.

  • Automatic Programmes
    Automatic Programmes

    Enjoy seamless automatic adaptation to all sound environments; regardless of what you want to listen to, the hearing aids will adjust themselves automatically, continuously and seamlessly to provide a unique listening program specifically suited to each situation.

  • U platform
    U platform

    Smooth and personalised sound in all environments – quiet, loud, challenging and enjoyable.

  • WidexLink wireless connectivity
    WidexLink wireless connectivity

    Fast, echo-free transmission of sound between hearing aids as well as DEX devices.

  • Preference control
    Preference control

    User can control hearing aids to meet specific needs; either more audibility or more comfort.

  • Microphone mode
    Microphone mode

    Hearing aids can focus front and back for specific situations.

  • Soft Level Noise Reduction
    Soft Level Noise Reduction

    Unwanted soft background noises are reduced for greater listening comfort.

  • TruSound Softener
    TruSound Softener

    Sudden sounds at all input levels are more comfortable to hear.

  • Noise Reduction
    Noise Reduction

    Listening comfort in noise and more speech.

  • Sound Class Technology
    Sound Class Technology

    Hearing aids adapt automatically to different listening situations for clarity, comfort and audibility.

  • HD Locator
    HD Locator

    Better speech intelligibility in noise.

  • Zen

    Library of Zen melodies for tinnitus management and relaxation.

  • Audibility Extender
    Audibility Extender

    Improves perception and production of important high-frequency speech sounds.

  • Variable Speed Compression
    Variable Speed Compression

    Automatic gearing for smooth sound and stable audibility.

  • DEX accessories*
    DEX accessories*

    Convenient, high-quality connection to hearing aids from phones, TVs, audio, etc.

    *DEX accessories include CALL-DEX, UNI-DEX, COM-DEX, TV-DEX, RC-DEX, FM+DEX and PHONE-DEX. PHONE-DEX available in Europe, US and Canada only.

  • App for iPhone and Android
    App for iPhone and Android

    Easy connection and control from any smartphone.

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Invisible in the canal 'Nano' (IIC)

Invisible in the canal 'Nano' (IIC)

Our most discreet hearing aid yet; fits neatly in your ear canal so that it is almost invisible when worn.

Completely in the canal (CIC)

Completely in the canal (CIC)

Our 2nd smallest hearing aid is the CIC; custom made to fit comfortably in your ear canal.

In the canal (ITC)

In the canal (ITC)

Bespoke & discreet - slightly larger for increased power & battery life.

In the ear (ITE)

In the ear (ITE)

Fits comfortably in the outer ear. Slightly larger and great for dexterity issues.

Receiver in the canal (RIC)

Receiver in the canal (RIC)

Discreet, yet powerful hearing aid that fits comfortably behind your ear.

Behind the ear (BTE)

Behind the ear (BTE)

Fits comfortably behind the ear and attaches to a custom-made ear mould.

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  • Good


    • Features Standard

    • Suitable for people who need a hearing aid for less challenging listening environments, like one-to-one conversations or small groups with little background noise.

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  • Better


    • Features Advanced

    • Suitable for more challenging environments. If you work or socialise in busy or noisy environments this range would be well suited to your hearing needs.  

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  • Best


    • Features Premium

    • Suitable for people who frequently encounter challenging listening environments. If you're looking for the best and latest technology this range is ideally suited to you as it includes the most sophisticated features available.

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