Phonak Belong 70

Phonak B70

The world’s leading provider of life-changing hearing solutions, Swiss manufacturer Phonak, present the Belong range: with innovative technologies that make hearing effortless. Building on the success of previous hearing aids, Phonak has made significant updates to Belong’s technology to deliver the best sound in background noise. Plus they’ve added all of Belong’s new features into a rechargeable option too!

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  • 5 Year Warranty
    5 Year Warranty

    This hearing aid comes complete with a 5 year warranty which covers your hearing aid for malfunction, breakdown or faulty workmanship during that time. 

  • Channels

    Simply put, the number of channels determines how finely your hearing aid can be tuned to best suit your individual level of hearing loss. The more channels the hearing aid has, the more it can be finely tuned to give you the most natural and effective hearing experience.

  • Music

    Many hearing aid wearers report that through hearing aids, their favourite music just doesn’t sound the same. The Music feature of Belong has an expanded dynamic range, slower compression speed and more gain – which, simply put, means you hear your music more like you used to, richer and fuller. Top rated hearing aid for music sound quality.

  • Easy Call II
    Easy Call II

    Venture’s Easy Call II is compatible with all mobile brands so no need to change your mobile phone to benefit from this great feature. Just take out of the box, clip it on and go. Mobile calls are then streamed into both ears through the power of your hearing aid to make conversations clear.

  • Speech in Noise
    Speech in Noise

    Senses and reduces noise from behind you in real time so that you hear more of the conversation you want to and less of the background noise you don’t. 60% improvement in speech understanding by zooming in on a single voice in a noisy environment – versus without hearing aids.

  • Comfort in Noise
    Comfort in Noise

    Even when you’re not in conversation, noise can be a nuisance. This feature reduces uncomfortable loud sounds enhancing your listening comfort.

  • Speech in 360°
    Speech in 360°

    The person you want to speak to might not always be in front of you. Speech in 360° automatically senses the direction important sounds are coming from, and directs its microphones there to pick up the sound… it then streams that sound into both ears for best possible hearing and understanding.

  • Acoustic Phone
    Acoustic Phone

    For if you’ve ever struggled to hear clearly on the telephone, even with your hearing aids. State of the art wireless technology transfers the conversation from the phone wirelessly to both hearing aids! With this surround sound effect telephone conversations are clearer and more comfortable to hear. Talk on your home or mobile phone.

  • Sound Recover2
    Sound Recover2

    Helps you to hear high-pitched sounds in all situations for example birds singing, children’s voices or the doorbell ringing.

  • Whistle-Block

    Eliminates annoying whistling from hearing aids so you can keep focused on the conversation without worry of interruption.

  • NoiseBlock

    Reduces uncomfortable background noise such as traffic or the constant hum of a ceiling fan without affecting your ability to understand to prevent irritation or annoyance.

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Invisible in the canal 'Nano' (IIC)

Invisible in the canal 'Nano' (IIC)

Our most discreet hearing aid yet; fits neatly in your ear canal so that it is almost invisible when worn.

Completely in the canal (CIC)

Completely in the canal (CIC)

Our 2nd smallest hearing aid is the CIC; custom made to fit comfortably in your ear canal.

In the canal (ITC)

In the canal (ITC)

Bespoke & discreet - slightly larger for increased power & battery life.

In the ear (ITE)

In the ear (ITE)

Fits comfortably in the outer ear. Slightly larger and great for dexterity issues.

Receiver in the canal (RIC)

Receiver in the canal (RIC)

Discreet, yet powerful hearing aid that fits comfortably behind your ear.

Behind the ear (BTE)

Behind the ear (BTE)

Fits comfortably behind the ear and attaches to a custom-made ear mould.

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    • Suitable for people who need a hearing aid for less challenging listening environments, like one-to-one conversations or small groups with little background noise.

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    • Suitable for more challenging environments. If you work or socialise in busy or noisy environments this range would be well suited to your hearing needs.  

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    • Suitable for people who frequently encounter challenging listening environments. If you're looking for the best and latest technology this range is ideally suited to you as it includes the most sophisticated features available.

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