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Connect to every sound for crystal-clear, hands-free calling – and so much more!

We all know how hearing helps keep us connected to our friends and family.

But often the simplest of situations like chatting on the phone or watching TV together may be a struggle if you’re not hearing at your best. So it’s with these challenges in mind that Phonak have developed their latest hearing solution: Audeo B-Direct hearing aids. 

Find out what our customers think!

We asked one of our customers, Sue, to try Audeo B-Direct for herself. Watch the video below to hear from her and her daughter, Lizzie, as they told us what a difference Sue's new Audeo B-Direct hearing aids have made!

If you'd like to try Audeo B-Direct for yourself, the first step is to book an appointment to see us! Click here to book your free appointment, or call us on 0345 270 3196.

Or keep reading to find out more about how Audeo B-Direct works with your phone and TV, as well as giving you amazing hearing wherever you are...

Audeo B-Direct connects to your phone... 

Compatible with almost every Bluetooth® mobile phone, Audeo B-Direct is more than just a hearing aid – it’s a wireless headset too, and the best hearing aid for phone calls we've seen!

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  • Take calls and listen to the caller directly from your hearing aid. You don’t even need to hold your phone: in fact, it can be up to five metres away in your pocket, bag, or even another room!
  • Simply touch the button on your hearing aids to answer calls. The inbuilt microphone picks up the sound of your voice so you can simply speak normally and have clear, effortless conversations: with no more feedback noise!
  • This technology is compatible with any mobile phone with Bluetooth® 4.2 and most older Bluetooth® phones. So if you thought you might miss out on this technology if you don’t have a smartphone, think again!
  • Turn your phone into your hearing aids’ own remote control: adjust your hearing aids from your smartphone with the new Phonak app, available on Android or Apple.

...And to your TV!*

Plus, Audeo B-Direct can turn into wireless headphones as well! Audeo B-Direct connects to your TV or sound system through a new, simple multimedia hub called the Phonak TV Connector.*

TV Connector V2

  • The TV Connector streams the sound of the TV straight into your ears, so you can forget about subtitles and sit back and enjoy your favourite TV programmes, films and music at a volume that’s comfortable for everyone!
  • One TV Connector can link to multiple hearing aids at once, so you can watch together with friends and family with no individual equipment – so whether they wear hearing aids or not, it’s easy!
  • Watch TV at the perfect volume for you: the sound goes straight to your hearing aids, making watching TV comfortable for everyone!
  • One quick and simple setup and then you’re ready to go! Your hearing aids link wirelessly every time you turn on the TV.*
  • With its amazing battery life, Phonak say that you can watch for up to 80 hours with just one hearing aid battery!

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If you'd like to find out more about Audeo B-Direct, click here to book your free appointment at your local Boots Hearingcare. Or you can call us on 0345 270 3196.

Plus, there’s more…

As well as its amazing ability to connect to your phone and your TV, Audeo B-Direct makes everyday listening a breeze too. Phonak have included loads of incredible features in Audeo B-Direct to make even the trickiest listening situations easy. Here are just some of them…

  • Speech in Car: Makes road trips a breeze by reducing broadband noise, so you can have comfortable conversations
  • Comfort in Echo: Reduces any distortion of echo sounds, making them easy to ignore
  • Music: Incredible technology makes your favourite tunes sound great again – richer and fuller like they used to
  • Comfort in Noise: Reduces the volume of annoying loud sounds so you can listen comfortably whether you’re in conversation or not
  • Sound Recover2: Helps you hear those high-pitched sounds you might be missing, so sounds like children’s voices, birds singing and the doorbell ringing are crystal-clear
  • WhistleBlock: eliminates any whistling sounds from your hearing aids
  • NoiseBlock: Reduces constant background noise like traffic or the hum of a ceiling fan so you can focus on the sounds that matter.

Audeo B Hearing Aid


*Additional purchase of TV Connector required.

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