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Being a leading high-street hearing care provider, we want to help as many people as possible to hear at their best! We think that we already provide great service, aftercare, and expertise – so all that’s left is to make our carefully selected range of hearing aids and accessories the very best that we can!

So we’d like to present our new Essentials hearing aid range to give you great hearing at a great price – you can click here to view our full price list online. We've carefully chosen two families of hearing aids to include in our Essentials range...


Unitron know that background noise can be tough, especially when you’re trying to have a conversation. So if you’re in a busy restaurant, pub, party, or even in a busy shop, the North range can to help you focus on the sounds that you want to hear. That's why the Unitron North range has...

  • Been designed to be so light and comfortable you barely notice them
  • Lots of different styles, including behind-the-ear and in-the-ear
  • Five different technology levels, with up to 20 features in one hearing aid!
  • Amazing technology that's built to help you hear better in background noise
  • 12 colours for you to choose from

      North range

  • SpeechZone and SpeechZone2: automatically kick in around difficult background noise so to zone in on the speech you want to hear
  • Feedback manager: instantly stops any annoying whistling or feedback
  • AntiShock: instantly supresses sudden loud noises without muting the sounds you want to hear
  • Natural Sound Balance: continuously monitors and adjusts your hearing aid settings to preserve natural sound quality
  • Wind control: reduces wind noise so you can listen outside more comfortably
  • Multiband adaptive directional microphone: focuses on sounds in front of you, finding and suppressing background noise sources.

Click here to view the prices of the Unitron North range online!

We asked one of our customers to try Unitron North and tell us what she thought – watch her video here…

Z Series features brand new 900Sync technology that means your hearing aids give you great sound even in the listening situations that are the most challenging. From high frequency sounds like children’s voices, to conversations with friends in a busy pub or restaurant, Z Series could help you to hear at your best no matter where you are...

  • Advanced technology that’s designed to help you in the situations you find hardest
  • A choice of five different styles, including behind-the-ear and in-the-ear
  • A new feature designed to help tackle tinnitus
  • Available in 7 colours

                        Starkey range

Starkey have designed Z Series to tackle some of the imperfections that come with older hearing aids…

  • No buzzing or whistling: Starkey’s feedback cancellation system gives you comfortable listening all day long, without annoying feedback sounds.
  • Durable and dependent hearing aids: You can find HydraShield2 in Starkey’s Z Series – a water- and wax-repellent system that gives their hearing aids durability and dependability.
  • Help with high frequency sounds: Amazing technology translates high-frequency sounds like women’s and children’s voices into lower frequencies so they’re much easier to hear.
  • Easy to adapt to new sounds: It’s even easier to get used to your hearing aids as this feature gradually adjusts its settings to allow your hearing aids to learn new sounds.
  • Your ears working together: 900sync technology within the Z Series means that your two hearing aids work better together, giving you a more natural, 3D sound. 

Click here to view the prices of the Starkey Z Series online!

If you'd like to find out more about the Essentials range at Boots, we'd love to tell you all about it and help you choose the hearing aid that's right for you. Why not book your free appointment today? You can book online here or call us on 0345 200 7086

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